Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Felted Painting with Free Motion Embroidery

Goodness I haven't been here for ages!

I have been inspired by Moy Mackay who creates the most beautiful images in felt and embroidery. You can check out her gallery here. (I now have to remind myself what to do in Blogsy)

Moy Mackay Gallery Home - Moy Mackay Gallery (oh well this way works until I've got my bearings again).

So I decided to have a go and being the sort of person who wants to achieve an end by the quickest route I laid out my fleece (merino tops) onto a very cheap jcloth type dish cloth. (I will explain in a bit). As roses are a favourite of mine pink roses it is. The lighter bits are silk tops which give it a bit of a lift and seem to separate nicely giving some texture. Moy lays out her colours on a base of cream fleece first but I didn't.










The next step was to put another cloth on top. Before I did this I gave the cloth a quick spray of temporary fabric adhesive to help hold things in place. After this I tacked it all around the edges and across the middle with very large stitches.

Yay, now... was this going to work? I put it on its own in the washing machine and did a 20 min express wash at 30 deg. No it didn't. So the next morning I did it again the same but added a towel to the wash to bash it about a bit.

This is the front and this is the back.

It looked better and more as if it had felted. I didn't want to increase the temperature in case it shrunk too much and was unrecognisable. So now the unveiling.... Unpick the stitches and pull the cloth away from the fibres.

I then let it dry in the airing cupboard.

Well it sort of worked but parts had to be needle felted down as I had a few leaves hanging precariously from it (more experimentation in the wash department needed perhaps). But that's ok it's quite nice to do with my flat brush and gadget. The needle felting tool only has 4 and a bit needles now instead of 5.


To flatten it out a bit I pressed it under a damp cloth. Moy irons iron-on interfacing on the back of hers to stabilise it for machining but mine seemed to be quite thick as it was so I left it.

Now for the next exciting bit - the free motioning. It's a while since I've done it but once I got the hang of it it was fun to do. I wanted to keep the balance between stitching and the natural effects of the wool and colours so I kept the amount of free motion to a minimum. Moy adds hand embroidery too and that I would have done had it needed it.

So there it is and all in all I'm very pleased with it! I do like the bits of silk. You can have a go too. X













Friday, 9 November 2012

Making Things New

The dining room was dark, too dark for my liking.

Well needs must and when I get an idea I'm off. The furniture was going to be white!

I'd painted some furniture before in the lounge so I knew it would work. Off to paint shop to get Little Greene Paint - Slaked Lime in Intelligent Eggshell. I love to watch the tiny amounts of pigment go into the pot of paint before they shake it all up in a machine. This colour had just a tiny amount of dark warm green added to the base white.

Now I'm all for speed and if there's a shortcut to something I'll find it, so out comes the sugar soap and hot water. I washed the furniture with a strong solution of this and apart from sanding the table top a little that was my preparation.

I was off! The dresser was first. It took quite a lot of paint but it was worth it. When the painting was finished I picked out details with gilt patina crayons by Liberon and sanded off a few bits.

It was a lot of work but as I started DH (as I'd rather hoped) caught the idea and started stripping the old wallpaper off.

After a few days the darkness was gone and this is how it looks now in the late afternoon sun.

I found some beautiful curtains in a sale and they are perfect. The chairs were recovered in an assortment of fabric remnants and I even made silk paper to re-do the lampshades. It's all rather romantic now and I love it!

This is the other end and reveals what is under the sheet in the first photo!


Friday, 22 June 2012

A Peek at My Garden

A preponderance of pink!

Let's go for wander...

Julia Correvan the viticella clematis is beautiful this year. I didn't prune it at all but I think I gave it some blood, fish and bone in Feb. If you notice the arch in the background this is where New Dawn shows off her beauty.

We go under the arch and

Fantin Latour is on the right. In front of us is

my little cherub and the stone bench. We turn to go through the second arch.

where Romantica clematis, honeysuckle and poppies are on the right.

This arch doesn't have a rose yet but I'm thinking about it!


Look back briefly through the other way and then...

into the kitchen garden

you'll see my little corner where I sit and have a cup of tea.

Zac likes to sit in the shade there too!

Over the bird table in the middle of the herb garden grows St Cecilia and she's very beautiful too, as is Rosa Glauca.

This part of the garden is shaded by

Kolkwitzia, The Fairy rose and a beautiful white Deutzia.

Charles de Mills (on the left in pic) has a nasty case of mildew this year but is still spectacular nonetheless.

Behind us now is the trellis.

More pink roses! Cornelia, Veilchenblau and Eden.

Back through the gate under another arch, a living arch of willow.

I carved this little sign with my Dremel!

We are almost back to the start now. Here's a few we missed along the way.

Gladiolus communis and clematis Pink Fantasy. Centaurea dealbata and New Dawn again.


This is Young Lycidus snuggled in amongst golden oregano. And just to show you I do have the occasional hot colour too here is Candle in the Wind.



Hope you've enjoyed the little tour.