Friday, 10 December 2010

Textile Rose Needle Case

Over on Imapsto Studio I've been doing some digital painting and printing on fabric. This little needle case's main focus is a fabric rose from my printing experiments.

I have to say that the inspiration for this came from Viv over on Hens Teeth. A wonderful blog that is endless inspiration to me.

 The case is made from upcycled linen, viscose, ribbon, lace, beads and all sorts of things that I like to rummage around for.

Now I must away for wine and Strictly!

Get creating, you know you must.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hearts, Flowers and a Little Embroidered Still Life

As you can see I've been messing with fabric paint, free motioning and applique - no hoop, no worries, just messing and having fun. There's even a bit of embossing powder there that I sprinkled on and squished about with a soldering iron. Now for something a little more controlled . . .

'Blue Moon'   Embroidery with beads  (17cm x17cm)

I've always loved the work Mary Fedden and this little piece is inspired by her. She is about 95 and still painting!

I enjoyed doing this too - first the painting next the bringing out of colours and detail with free-motion machine embroidery and finally adding the embellishment of tiny beads. I bought a wonderful little gadget called a Needle Fairy. It takes all the bother out of trying to thread a needle for 10 mins or more.

Have fun and get creating. You know you must. :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How the Background to LaziDazi came About

 Hello All

This scrappy little watercolour which I painted years ago became the basis for my first fibre art still life. I've always liked contre-jour (against the light) paintings so I thought I'd give it a bash in my new found medium.

Jug and Daisies
watercolour 5" x 5 "
Still Life with Cup           Fibre Art 13"x 13"

I started by painting a piece of cotton fabric (something like calico) with Pebeo Setacolor paints. I think I wet the surface first ( like you do for wet in wet watercolour) so the colour would mingle and the edges would be soft. Next came the rummaging through all my bit and pieces -old blouse I wore at my sister's wedding (lacy bit), a lovely shot piece of blue/red organza, pre-felt (made with bits of throwsters waste), beads, merino tops, angelina fibres and ribbon. All this was then embellished on to the surface with my embellishing machine. After I'd got the main body of it together I started to free motion embroider. Something of which I have no experience. Do you see metallic thread? Oh my goodness what fun and games I had with this! I think I've sussed it now though. You need a topstitch or a metallic needle. Lastly but by no means least I added a few beads. Voila! There you have it and another part of my life begins. 

Take care and get creating, you know you must!