Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hearts, Flowers and a Little Embroidered Still Life

As you can see I've been messing with fabric paint, free motioning and applique - no hoop, no worries, just messing and having fun. There's even a bit of embossing powder there that I sprinkled on and squished about with a soldering iron. Now for something a little more controlled . . .

'Blue Moon'   Embroidery with beads  (17cm x17cm)

I've always loved the work Mary Fedden and this little piece is inspired by her. She is about 95 and still painting!

I enjoyed doing this too - first the painting next the bringing out of colours and detail with free-motion machine embroidery and finally adding the embellishment of tiny beads. I bought a wonderful little gadget called a Needle Fairy. It takes all the bother out of trying to thread a needle for 10 mins or more.

Have fun and get creating. You know you must. :)

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