Monday, 19 December 2011

Heat Distressed Fabric Flower Decoration (Tutorial)

Winter Decoration

So I decided to get creative in a festive kind of way.

You will need:-
White, pale blue or silver polyester organza, (it has to melt)
White panne velvet, (quite cheap and melts)
sparkly tree/package decoration or angelina fibres
cotton buds,
acrylic paint or ink,
heat gun,
fine wire,
bradawl (or something to make a hole),
common sense (safety).

Cut  in half 3 cotton buds (will make six centres) and paint the ends in a nice deep yellow or orange (I dipped mine in pearlised acrylic ink) and set them to dry.


Cut up the velvet and organza into very rough 4" squares. You only need one velvet square per flower. If you don't have velvet just use organza. They are just as pretty!

To make a square make a cut and fold it diagonally to see where the other cuts should be. Organza easy to tear.

Now find a little vase or egg cup. Something that won't melt when you blast it with heat!

Arrange the velvet and organza together with right sides facing up. Put a pinch of sparklies on top.


Place the squares face down over the pot and blast all around the edges and a bit in the middle. (Sorry about the blurry pic). TAKE CARE and leave it a few seconds to cool down when it's done.

Make hole through all the layers and stick the cotton bud through the centre. Trim off the excess stem and give it a bit of a blast on the back. As you can see the cotton bud plastic has folded back on itself a bit. Leave to cool.

All that's left to do is wrap some wire round for a hook.

Paint some twigs with white emulsion or acrylic and place in a vase.

You can try different colours too of course. This red velvet was a different type and did burn underneath. Experiment!

Happy Christmas to all you lovely, inspiring, bloggy  people! x

Monday, 14 November 2011

Meet the Girls!

Well I haven't been doing a lot of textiles lately as I've had an animated Advent calendar to get on with for our animated primary resources site as December is fast approaching. It's done now so I'll introduce you to the dolls I made a few weeks ago.
This is Miranda
and this is Ella

I wanted to make their faces a little different to the norm so I've used charcoal, pastel pencil and dot of white acrylic for the highlight in the eyes and then varnished it to protect it. They are made of calico, stuffed with polyester stuffing and the hair is made from banana yarn which is beautifully soft. The clothes are a bit tattered and textiley with various fabrics, buttons, beads and lace. They are about 27" long. I rather like them and goodness knows I have enough fabric to make many more!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

How to Make a Bubble-Wrap Bangle

Hello again, so soon!

Well after trying the to connect to blogger from Word 2007 and failing I'm back here again having another go with the image moving thing.

Remember I was in a fusing things mood? Well I found a piece of bubble-wrap painted it (both sides) with watery acrylics, drizzled one side with Lumiere metallic paints, which I smudged about with my fingers, and dried it with the hairdryer,  which is a permanent fixture in the studio. Yes, actually I do dry my hair in there too!

 Rolled around METAL knitting needle
Slit and heated. 
Next I rolled it up around a METAL knitting needle with the metallic paint on the outside and pinned it in 4 places. This I blasted with a heat gun briefly (BE CAREFUL!) until it was fused together slightly. Then I used scissors (not dressmaking ones) to make slits along the length of it, making sure I didn't cut all the way through. Blast it again and the slits open up and fuse together.

If you notice I'm still not getting the image positioning right!

Bubble-wrap Bangle

Let it cool, take it off the needle and thread some recycled sari ribbon through with a large safety pin to make a bangle.

Of course it does look a bit like scrunched up sweet papers but with a bit more thought on colours and a little less metallic paint it makes a cheap, handy substitute for Tyvek when you either haven't got any or can't remember where you put it! There must be more ways to incorporate it into your textile pieces too as it's also soft enough to stitch.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Textiles and Collage

I honestly don't know how all you ladies manage to blog and twitter, flickr and fb, Etsy, Folksy and create at the rate you do! I am in awe of you all!

Anyway I've finally got round to a post. I have to admit we're having the bathroom refitted so there are men and tools and noise and I've shut myself away in the office -can't even have a cup of tea at the minute as no water!
Secure  10"x 8" textile
Speak Life 6"x8" stitch, fabric, text, glass on paper.
I did this 'cause I don't think we realise how our words can either  promote bad or good, life or death in our lives and the lives of others!

                                                                         White Swan 16"x20" Mixed media

One thing tends to lead another I find and having decorated the lounge I needed some new pictures to put on
the walls. All of the above are now on the walls.

Then I had an odd moment after looking at Carolyn Saxby's beads which she sells on Etsy
and fancying a bit of fusing myself I looked around the studio wondering what I could blast with a hot air gun. My eyes settled on the cover I keep over my wet acrylic palette- bubble-wrap! Well blogger is driving me mad now 'cause I can't move the photos where I want them! Agghh! Fortunately the water is back on now - tea. Will tell you later about bubble- wrap. : )

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Little bit of Whimsy

Roses Red (mixed media on canvas 5"x7")
I don't know what came over me but I produced this little painting yesterday. No I hadn't received any roses although he does sometimes bring me some home from Waitrose! I think I just let myself go and be playful rather than intense about the whole art thing.

There's not another dolly yet but I think there's one in my head and I definitely don't lack materials. In fact fabric and threads, yarns, ribbons, etc I find difficult to resist these days - old or new.

Today has been grey and windy so here are some photos from the sunnier days of May.
My cherub with a little bit of Photoshopping.
A lovely variegated rose.
Young Lycidus
Papaver Orientale
Pat Austin and Johnson's Blue Geranium (lovely complimentary colours)
And finally
Allium (can't remember what. All I know is I can't pronounce it!)

I've been decorating the lounge too. The reproduction furniture now is very nice shabby chic distressed lead white! Oh and I bought a Dremel tool! Who knows what fun I'll have with that?! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Too Hot to Hoover

Well of course it is or was but still is inside. Anyway I've many more things I've been putting my hands to just lately.


The excitement almost bubbled over in me last week when Molly first took form in my head and then emerged from a chaotic frenzy of creativity and mess. She is what they term as a pillow doll.

Her body is basically a rectangular pillow of curtain lining stuffed with polyester and her face is painted with acrylics. She has a shock of orange merino wool top hair, couched sari yarn headband and a vintage earring (no ears to speak of though). Does it matter? Not a jot! She is an art doll after all and anything goes as far as I'm concerned.

Her legs are felted on an embellisher and her big heart is free motion embroidery.                                          
Here she is enjoying the sunshine!

Well after seeing my sister's blog post and her jean bags I'm afraid I had to have a go myself (sorry Bern). It only came about when I decided to tidy up my studio and happened upon a one legged pair of old jeans.


I decided to put a piece of board at the base to give it some shape- just a piece of thin hardboard used for
backing paintings stuck on with pva.The handle fastenings and the fabric applique came from a dress I made many moons ago and kept the belt. The little heart on a ribbon was given to me by a friend. So there you have it a Bottom Bag (as if one bottom isn't enough). What I'll do with it now I'm not sure as I don't think DH ( dear husband- as I discovered reading too many Yahoo! group emails) will be seen with me carrying it!

A Bowl of Lemons Acrylic on board 12"x 10"

And finally a painting. I always seem to gravitate towards still life. This is full of colour and texture and I used a painting knife mostly.

It's for sale here LaziDazi on Etsy. Molly is getting ready to travel too!

Now what was I saying about hoovering? Happy creating - you know you must!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Red and Gold Textile Cuff

Red and Gold Textile Cuff by Lazi Dazi
Red and Gold Textile Cuff, a photo by Lazi Dazi on Flickr.

Just trying out this link from Flickr!

This is made from felted merino wool tops, yarn, panne velvet, applique, organza, beads and has a little pocket (inside heat distressed organza) with a polished gemstone. It also has machine and hand embroidery.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Something for Abbie-May

Textile For Abbie-May 

I'm a grandmother of just over 2 weeks to beautiful Abbie-May! My first grandchild. It feels a little weird to be of the age but lovely all the same.

I decided to make this to hang on her nursery door. The surround is my wedding dress silk from Liberty's 23 yrs ago and the middle bit with little strawberries on is from some left over fabric from which I made my daughter a little dress when she was about 2 or so. So that's even older! The little duck button was from (I think) one of her dressing gowns I made too. It just goes to show one should always keep things 'cause they do "come in handy" eventually!

Excuse me a min - the cat is moaning. . .

I've been doing lots of gardening - revamping parts of the back garden.
This is behind the garage. Last year I started to crazy pave by the chair but lost heart when the garden centre increased the price of an arbour I had my eye on. Not to worry as I like it now like this -
My friend Su has given me the table, chair and trellis - mostly out of her shed! It's nice in her shed. There is just something wonderful about old sheds. 
I gave the furniture a new lease of life with the colour 'Acorn' from Little Greene. Nice paint! And I got my crazy paving done. The white shrub in front is a Deutzia scabra 'Candidissima' (I think).

The gate got a an overhaul too and a little sign I scrambled together.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

A mosaic of greens from my garden.
I realise I'm rather erratic at posting so I thought I'd include my garden in this blog as an incentive to me and also because we are all (so it seems) so inspired by nature and the photos of it at all times of the year. It definitely lifts our spirits - the colours, the sunlight, the wonderful scent in the air, the definite promise of summer, warmth and my favourite...roses... sweet, sumptuous roses.

I get so enthusiastic at this time of year and garden centres are the place to be and wander and have a cup of tea!
Here he is again, my little friend in the garden.
The butterfly came and went before I had time to get the focus on him but I'm so glad he came and it doesn't really matter.
Spring Green brooch with watercolour painting, vintage lace and a pearl.

This is my little cat brooch. I love to watch him sitting on the windowsill getting so excited at what he sees! Watercolour painting, linen, lace, net and a lovely textured vintage button.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Textile Waistcoat

I thought I'd show you a few things I've been doing lately.

This is the start of a waistcoat. I collected lots of different bits of fabric I have - curtain fabric  (from an old selection book from a fabric shop, £5), old lace doilies, muslin, ticking, linen. I made sure they were all tonally similar and washed them. I used a base of curtain lining  and the back and facing is muslin lined with normal polyester lining.

I stitched all the pieces, using many different stitches, to the curtain lining, not worrying about any edges as I think the raw edges add to the look. There are couple of printed pieces of muslin and some French knots too.

I'm very pleased with it and the only thing I bought especially was the pattern and some pale blue embroidery floss.
Tattered Owl
Little Rose Brooch
'I Remember' Brooch

'Gentle Natured' Brooch 
Landscape Cuff

This is embellished wool tops, silk tops. wensleydale curls and yarn on to felt, finished with satin stitch , beads and a vintage wooden button.

Oh well!