Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Needle Felted Birdie

Hello and Happy New Year!

I know I'm a bit on the drag here in many ways. The truth is I find it a lot easier to read other peoples' blogs and see all the gorgeous things they make and take photographs of than make and take my own and post it!

Does anyone else have this trouble?

However, I haven't been idle all this time and have been creative occasionally. This is a little birdie I made for a friend for Christmas. She just loves long-tailed tits and I tend to agree as they are so tiny and sweet looking! 

This is the bird beginning to take shape. The materials are a non -woven synthetic swab as the base (soft and light and loose) and various colours of 
merino wool tops. I just place it all under the embellishing needles ( machine) and go! The barbed needles mesh the wool and base together.

Gradually it comes together and I trim off the edges. With a backing of black felt , a couple of beads, some beeswaxed corded legs and a hook it's done.

I'm pleased to say she liked it very much!


  1. And I can see why she liked it so much, it's just lovely.

  2. Thank you Su and thank you for the link on your blog.

  3. I love this birdie, reminds me of the big families of them we used to get on the old apple tree at Happy House.
    As for getting 'displaced' by other people's interesting blogs... it's the challenge of finding the balance between inspiration and creation! You can't be making stuff all the time so you have to allow yourself the 'rest' to wander among others.

  4. Your longtailed tit is gorgeous - so clever of you to capture it perfectly.