Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

A mosaic of greens from my garden.
I realise I'm rather erratic at posting so I thought I'd include my garden in this blog as an incentive to me and also because we are all (so it seems) so inspired by nature and the photos of it at all times of the year. It definitely lifts our spirits - the colours, the sunlight, the wonderful scent in the air, the definite promise of summer, warmth and my favourite...roses... sweet, sumptuous roses.

I get so enthusiastic at this time of year and garden centres are the place to be and wander and have a cup of tea!
Here he is again, my little friend in the garden.
The butterfly came and went before I had time to get the focus on him but I'm so glad he came and it doesn't really matter.
Spring Green brooch with watercolour painting, vintage lace and a pearl.

This is my little cat brooch. I love to watch him sitting on the windowsill getting so excited at what he sees! Watercolour painting, linen, lace, net and a lovely textured vintage button.


  1. I love all the greens at this time of year, great photos - nice brooches too. Next time we should have cake as well as tea!

  2. Thanks, Su. Especially if it's of the carrot variety.

  3. Cheers to the yummy cake at that garden centre!

  4. I love the little brooches!

  5. I promise to think of you Bern when I do!

  6. I like your garden mosaic!