Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Something for Abbie-May

Textile For Abbie-May 

I'm a grandmother of just over 2 weeks to beautiful Abbie-May! My first grandchild. It feels a little weird to be of the age but lovely all the same.

I decided to make this to hang on her nursery door. The surround is my wedding dress silk from Liberty's 23 yrs ago and the middle bit with little strawberries on is from some left over fabric from which I made my daughter a little dress when she was about 2 or so. So that's even older! The little duck button was from (I think) one of her dressing gowns I made too. It just goes to show one should always keep things 'cause they do "come in handy" eventually!

Excuse me a min - the cat is moaning. . .

I've been doing lots of gardening - revamping parts of the back garden.
This is behind the garage. Last year I started to crazy pave by the chair but lost heart when the garden centre increased the price of an arbour I had my eye on. Not to worry as I like it now like this -
My friend Su has given me the table, chair and trellis - mostly out of her shed! It's nice in her shed. There is just something wonderful about old sheds. 
I gave the furniture a new lease of life with the colour 'Acorn' from Little Greene. Nice paint! And I got my crazy paving done. The white shrub in front is a Deutzia scabra 'Candidissima' (I think).

The gate got a an overhaul too and a little sign I scrambled together.



  1. Not only is it really pretty, the "history" of the fabric makes it extra special too. One day you'll be able to explain it all to her.
    Lovely to see my old furniture looking so happy, do I spy Jill's bucket hanging from the wall basket too?

  2. What a fabulous post! The sun really brings out the best in everyone and everything x x x

  3. Thanks and yes, probably Su.

    Thank you too, Bern. I wonder why the sun makes such a difference to us all?