Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Too Hot to Hoover

Well of course it is or was but still is inside. Anyway I've many more things I've been putting my hands to just lately.


The excitement almost bubbled over in me last week when Molly first took form in my head and then emerged from a chaotic frenzy of creativity and mess. She is what they term as a pillow doll.

Her body is basically a rectangular pillow of curtain lining stuffed with polyester and her face is painted with acrylics. She has a shock of orange merino wool top hair, couched sari yarn headband and a vintage earring (no ears to speak of though). Does it matter? Not a jot! She is an art doll after all and anything goes as far as I'm concerned.

Her legs are felted on an embellisher and her big heart is free motion embroidery.                                          
Here she is enjoying the sunshine!

Well after seeing my sister's blog artontheburn.blogspot.com post and her jean bags I'm afraid I had to have a go myself (sorry Bern). It only came about when I decided to tidy up my studio and happened upon a one legged pair of old jeans.


I decided to put a piece of board at the base to give it some shape- just a piece of thin hardboard used for
backing paintings stuck on with pva.The handle fastenings and the fabric applique came from a dress I made many moons ago and kept the belt. The little heart on a ribbon was given to me by a friend. So there you have it a Bottom Bag (as if one bottom isn't enough). What I'll do with it now I'm not sure as I don't think DH ( dear husband- as I discovered reading too many Yahoo! group emails) will be seen with me carrying it!

A Bowl of Lemons Acrylic on board 12"x 10"

And finally a painting. I always seem to gravitate towards still life. This is full of colour and texture and I used a painting knife mostly.

It's for sale here LaziDazi on Etsy. Molly is getting ready to travel too!

Now what was I saying about hoovering? Happy creating - you know you must!


  1. Hi Fran
    thanks for my birthday wishes and for visiting and following my blog ....love the cuff gorgeous colours .....and Molly looks like a bit of a wild child..x

  2. Oh wow - she's fab! She could even travel in the bottom bag. (I won't begin to ask why you had a one legged pair of jeans in your studio - I guess there's a very logical reason....?!).

  3. Thank you too artymess and for the follow. She definitely is (what does that say about her maker?)- she has a big heart though.

    Glad you like her Su. Oh yes it's because I'd cut the other leg off for some very important reason that I can't remember, of course!

  4. Big smile from me :)) I love them all and feel *honoured* to find a smidgen of imitation! I do believe Molly will soon have a sister in a far flung Scottish town, you know! She's so inspiring! x x x

  5. Oh yes do make her a sister Bern. It's such fun! x

  6. Molly is fabulous and I love you acrylic painting ~ you are a very talented artist!

    btw ~ I found a fix for the comment problem!! :)

  7. Thank you Evelyn. I much appreciate your encouragement. :)