Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Little bit of Whimsy

Roses Red (mixed media on canvas 5"x7")
I don't know what came over me but I produced this little painting yesterday. No I hadn't received any roses although he does sometimes bring me some home from Waitrose! I think I just let myself go and be playful rather than intense about the whole art thing.

There's not another dolly yet but I think there's one in my head and I definitely don't lack materials. In fact fabric and threads, yarns, ribbons, etc I find difficult to resist these days - old or new.

Today has been grey and windy so here are some photos from the sunnier days of May.
My cherub with a little bit of Photoshopping.
A lovely variegated rose.
Young Lycidus
Papaver Orientale
Pat Austin and Johnson's Blue Geranium (lovely complimentary colours)
And finally
Allium (can't remember what. All I know is I can't pronounce it!)

I've been decorating the lounge too. The reproduction furniture now is very nice shabby chic distressed lead white! Oh and I bought a Dremel tool! Who knows what fun I'll have with that?! 


  1. Lovely - and a rather nice allium too!

  2. I love your painting and your flower pics are beautiful!!

  3. Thank you Su and Evelyn. :)