Tuesday, 23 August 2011

How to Make a Bubble-Wrap Bangle

Hello again, so soon!

Well after trying the to connect to blogger from Word 2007 and failing I'm back here again having another go with the image moving thing.

Remember I was in a fusing things mood? Well I found a piece of bubble-wrap painted it (both sides) with watery acrylics, drizzled one side with Lumiere metallic paints, which I smudged about with my fingers, and dried it with the hairdryer,  which is a permanent fixture in the studio. Yes, actually I do dry my hair in there too!

 Rolled around METAL knitting needle
Slit and heated. 
Next I rolled it up around a METAL knitting needle with the metallic paint on the outside and pinned it in 4 places. This I blasted with a heat gun briefly (BE CAREFUL!) until it was fused together slightly. Then I used scissors (not dressmaking ones) to make slits along the length of it, making sure I didn't cut all the way through. Blast it again and the slits open up and fuse together.

If you notice I'm still not getting the image positioning right!

Bubble-wrap Bangle

Let it cool, take it off the needle and thread some recycled sari ribbon through with a large safety pin to make a bangle.

Of course it does look a bit like scrunched up sweet papers but with a bit more thought on colours and a little less metallic paint it makes a cheap, handy substitute for Tyvek when you either haven't got any or can't remember where you put it! There must be more ways to incorporate it into your textile pieces too as it's also soft enough to stitch.


  1. Very clever. I hope to see it modelled soon!

  2. What an interesting bangle! I cannae imagine it being very comfy to wear... A soft cushioning ribbon behind it might do the trick perhaps? Love the bubblewrap and metallic paint - must give that a try!

  3. It does look like it's scratchy, Bern but it's quite soft really. The more you blast it the harder it gets though as with any plastic.

  4. Very creative!! I love that you can do whatever patterns you heart desires and then there is a magical element as it turns into the beads. Lorraine :-}

  5. Thanks Lorraine. Yes I suppose it is rather magical! Love your little pottery figures and I used to live in Cornwall too :)

  6. that is so very beautiful! thank you so much for sharing not only the idea but also the how-to. I can't get Tyvek here in Austria and I'm glad to have a substitute now.

  7. Thanks Elenor and glad to be of use!