Monday, 22 August 2011

Textiles and Collage

I honestly don't know how all you ladies manage to blog and twitter, flickr and fb, Etsy, Folksy and create at the rate you do! I am in awe of you all!

Anyway I've finally got round to a post. I have to admit we're having the bathroom refitted so there are men and tools and noise and I've shut myself away in the office -can't even have a cup of tea at the minute as no water!
Secure  10"x 8" textile
Speak Life 6"x8" stitch, fabric, text, glass on paper.
I did this 'cause I don't think we realise how our words can either  promote bad or good, life or death in our lives and the lives of others!

                                                                         White Swan 16"x20" Mixed media

One thing tends to lead another I find and having decorated the lounge I needed some new pictures to put on
the walls. All of the above are now on the walls.

Then I had an odd moment after looking at Carolyn Saxby's beads which she sells on Etsy
and fancying a bit of fusing myself I looked around the studio wondering what I could blast with a hot air gun. My eyes settled on the cover I keep over my wet acrylic palette- bubble-wrap! Well blogger is driving me mad now 'cause I can't move the photos where I want them! Agghh! Fortunately the water is back on now - tea. Will tell you later about bubble- wrap. : )


  1. They are all beautiful. I'm now waiting expectantly for the bubble wrap episode!

  2. These look fab, Fran. Haven't see your new lounge but I can imagine the real things must be really effective. B x x