Monday, 19 December 2011

Heat Distressed Fabric Flower Decoration (Tutorial)

Winter Decoration

So I decided to get creative in a festive kind of way.

You will need:-
White, pale blue or silver polyester organza, (it has to melt)
White panne velvet, (quite cheap and melts)
sparkly tree/package decoration or angelina fibres
cotton buds,
acrylic paint or ink,
heat gun,
fine wire,
bradawl (or something to make a hole),
common sense (safety).

Cut  in half 3 cotton buds (will make six centres) and paint the ends in a nice deep yellow or orange (I dipped mine in pearlised acrylic ink) and set them to dry.


Cut up the velvet and organza into very rough 4" squares. You only need one velvet square per flower. If you don't have velvet just use organza. They are just as pretty!

To make a square make a cut and fold it diagonally to see where the other cuts should be. Organza easy to tear.

Now find a little vase or egg cup. Something that won't melt when you blast it with heat!

Arrange the velvet and organza together with right sides facing up. Put a pinch of sparklies on top.


Place the squares face down over the pot and blast all around the edges and a bit in the middle. (Sorry about the blurry pic). TAKE CARE and leave it a few seconds to cool down when it's done.

Make hole through all the layers and stick the cotton bud through the centre. Trim off the excess stem and give it a bit of a blast on the back. As you can see the cotton bud plastic has folded back on itself a bit. Leave to cool.

All that's left to do is wrap some wire round for a hook.

Paint some twigs with white emulsion or acrylic and place in a vase.

You can try different colours too of course. This red velvet was a different type and did burn underneath. Experiment!

Happy Christmas to all you lovely, inspiring, bloggy  people! x


  1. They're very pretty - might have to have a go (as if I need anything else to distract me from Christmas preparations!).

  2. Very interesting idea! I used to do something similar with heated plastic, but definitely going to try organza. Happy Holidays!

  3. Love your artwork and your blog...:)

  4. Thank you for your comments and I hope to see some amazing organza flowers in blogland :)

  5. Great tutorial I love the shabby look! and welcome to 2012!

    HUGS Lorraine