Wednesday, 7 March 2012

So Near and Yet So Far!

This little cat was indeed so near and yet the magpie was just teasing him. There were two magpies at first but one flew away before I could grab my camera. They hopped about squawking and taunting him as he climbed fearlessly higher and higher until the remaining magpie got bored and flew off to find his friend!

I have been rather preoccupied with  The Treasure Tree . This is our animated primary resources site. I wanted to get 'The Easter Story' finished, ready for teachers to use this term. Thankfully I did, though it was a challenge to do bearing in mind the crucifixion and all.

Blackberries. Yum!

This seems ages ago now. It's a cushion I made for a friend for Christmas as she belongs to a wildlife group that focuses on the dormouse and its habitat. It was my first bit of proper free-motioning and can you believe I forgot to put it in a hoop and it all puckered up. It wasn't too bad after I'd washed it and stretched it and ironed it!

Spring in a Teacup
I finished this last week. It's only about 8" square, appliqued and embroidered onto tea-dyed calico with hand dyed silk velvet, Liberty print and vintage laces. I'm quite pleased with it.

I'm planning another one using the willow pattern (public domain) which I printed out today on and old piece of damask treated with Digital Ground (Golden). There's just something about blue and white china and I think a lot of us ladies rather like it.

It's nice to be back. Happy Spring!

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  1. Aren't cats so amazingly agile, he looks quite happy standing there so high up! I love the teacup embroidery, that velvet has dyed beautifully. And using tea as dye - brilliant!