Friday, 9 November 2012

Making Things New

The dining room was dark, too dark for my liking.

Well needs must and when I get an idea I'm off. The furniture was going to be white!

I'd painted some furniture before in the lounge so I knew it would work. Off to paint shop to get Little Greene Paint - Slaked Lime in Intelligent Eggshell. I love to watch the tiny amounts of pigment go into the pot of paint before they shake it all up in a machine. This colour had just a tiny amount of dark warm green added to the base white.

Now I'm all for speed and if there's a shortcut to something I'll find it, so out comes the sugar soap and hot water. I washed the furniture with a strong solution of this and apart from sanding the table top a little that was my preparation.

I was off! The dresser was first. It took quite a lot of paint but it was worth it. When the painting was finished I picked out details with gilt patina crayons by Liberon and sanded off a few bits.

It was a lot of work but as I started DH (as I'd rather hoped) caught the idea and started stripping the old wallpaper off.

After a few days the darkness was gone and this is how it looks now in the late afternoon sun.

I found some beautiful curtains in a sale and they are perfect. The chairs were recovered in an assortment of fabric remnants and I even made silk paper to re-do the lampshades. It's all rather romantic now and I love it!

This is the other end and reveals what is under the sheet in the first photo!



  1. Wow! What a transformation! Yes I can see it was a lot of work ... but well worth it and so lovely and bright now. Well done x x x

  2. Fabulous work Fran! Well done! I can see when our 'big' stuff is done then I will have to call in your expertise! My new boiler is in and working - just need to begin the clear-up now (well in the morning maybe)! :)

    1. Thank you, glad you like it.Hope all your major work will be finished soon. At least you'll be warm while your clearing up! x

  3. Magnificent! Did you prime the wood? And what brushes did you use?

    1. Thanks, Phil. No I didn't prime as I said above, it's all Intelligent Eggshell- at least 3 coats and on some parts 5 (table top). The brushes were normal household and those round type for the fiddly bits - I think they're sold for painting sash windows.